Who We Are

IPRP is the Indiana Professional Recovery Program (IPRP) - a state-wide monitoring program for healthcare professionals who suffer from substance use disorder. Our goal is twofold; first, we aspire to help protect the health, safety, and welfare of patients that could be at risk from an impaired provider, and second, to provide support, resources, advocacy, and accountability for healthcare professionals suffering from substance use disorder as they begin and continue their journey of sustained sobriety. The IPRP team is dedicated to helping the impaired provider remain accountable and dependable both during and after their time in the program, so they can overcome their addiction and ultimately return to the career they love.

Our Mission

IPRP is committed to providing the impaired professional with a remarkable recovery experience through monitoring, support, and accountability.

Our Goal

To provide all healthcare professionals suffering from substance use disorder the support, resources, advocacy, and accountability needed to overcome their addiction and return to safe practice and self-wellness.

24.6 million Americans have used an illicit drug in the past month, including professionals currently working in healthcare. You are not alone. We’re here to help.

Benefits of IPRP
  • Maintaining a high level of confidentiality with voluntary admission (unless reported by another entity)

  • Protecting patients from being cared for by an impaired provider

  • Offering guidance, resources, and education to employers as they attempt to manage the impaired provider 

  • Providing healthcare professionals with the opportunity to salvage their careers with successful completion of the program 

  • Helping retain otherwise, highly-skilled providers within the profession

Indiana Professionals Recovery Program
If you suspect a co-worker is impaired or you are struggling
with substance use disorder, reach out today.